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Metin Akay, University of Houston, USA
Marco Molinari, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Italy
Jose L. Pons, Cajal Institute, CSIC, Spain
Dario Farina, University Medical Center Göttingen, Germany
Conor Walsh, Wyss Institute at Harvard University



15. Juliet Haarman, Jasper Reenalda, Piet Lammertse, Jaap Buurke, Herman van der Kooij and Hans Rietman. User acceptance of a balance support system that enables unsupervised training of balance and walking in stroke survivors

49. Subaryani Dambawati Harjaya Soedirdjo, Babak Afsharipour, Paolo Cattarello and Roberto Merletti. Introduction to EMG for the study of movement: From bipolar to high-density

63. Susan Aliakbaryhosseinabadi, Vladimir Kostic, Aleksandra Pavlovic, Sasa Radovanovic, Dario Farina and Natalie Mrachacz-Kersting. Effect of Attention Variation in Stroke Patients: Analysis of Single Trial Movement-Related Cortical Potentials

75. Asier Aguado, Igor Rodriguez, Elena Lazkano and Basilio Sierra. Supervised+Unsupervised Classification for Human Pose Estimation with RGB-D images: a first step towards a rehabilitation system

99. Alejandro Bachiller, Javier Gomez-Pilar, JesuÅLs Poza, Pablo Nunez, Carlos GoÅLmez, Alba Lubeiro, Vicente Molina and Roberto Hornero. Event-Related Phase-Amplitude Coupling: a comparative study

105. Mario Widmer, Andreas Luft and Kai Lutz. Processing of Motor Performance related Reward after Stroke

164. Domenico Buongiorno, Francesco Barone, Denise J. Berger, Benedetta Cesqui, Vitoantonio Bevilacqua, Andrea d’Avella and Antonio Frisoli. Evaluation of a pose-shared synergy-based isometric model for hand force estimation: towards myocontrol

201. Francisco Resquin, Jose Gonzalez, Jaime IbaÅLnez, Iris Dimbwadyo, Susana Alves, Laura Torres, Laura Carrasco, Fernando Brunetti and JoseÅL Luis Pons. Hybrid Robotic System for Reaching Rehabilitation after Stroke: reporting an usability experimentation

231. Rafael Mendoza, Rogelio Soto and Jose Luis Pons. Velocity dependant spasticity detection for Active Exoskeleton based therapies

252. Cosima Prahm, Benjamin Paassen, Alexander Schulz, Barbara Hammer and Oskar Aszmann. Transfer Learning for Rapid Re-calibration of a Myoelectric Prosthesis after Electrode Shift


Student Contribution Presentations (private session)

Time: 9.40 – 11.10
Location: Room T2

The Student Contribution Presentations will take place on October 19, from 9.40 to 11:10. The .ppt presentations have to be sent at info@icnr2016.org before October 18. The format is free, there is no template. The time slot for the presentations is the following: 7 minutes + 3 minutes for questions.